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Established in 2007 by Mr. Yoshifumi Hashimoto with the dream of bridging Asian countries, BridgeRoots is a comprehensive law firm that provides legal services across a wide range of disciplines. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards of integrity to all our clients. With more than 60 multilingual lawyers in 5 offices throughout Asia and our combined effort from our oversea business partners from China and Korea, our services provide the highest standard of excellence to exceed your expectations.

Corporate customers

General legal affairs and accounting
With a team of professional and experienced lawyers and CPAs, we provide a one stop service in general corporate legal and accounting.

Subject experts
Our subject experts covers varies of business fields such as: tax, IP, HR, real estate, certification, etc.

Individual customers

Our goal is to protect what's important to our customers
We strive to provide solutions that not only will fulfill a short term need, but is also optimal to your long term interests.


Our service network covers Japan, China and Korea
We have an office in Shanghai, China, specializing in international business (Japan <-> China, Japane <-> Korea). We also partner with many local law firms in China and Korea to provide prompt and accurate legal services.


China & Korea
M&A Read more


Consulting, Due Diligence, Documentation and Business Negotiation, etc. relating to company mergers and acquisitions between Japanese and Chinese companies or between Japanese and Korea companies or between Japanese companies located in China or Korea.

Debt Collection Read more

Debt Collection

Debt collection in China or Korea.

Real Estate/Construction Read more

Real Estate/Construction

Solving disputes regarding real estate or constructions/architecture in China or Korea.

Labor Disputes Read more

Labor Disputes

Solving labor disputes relating to China and Korea.

Introduction of affiliated offices Read more

Introduction of affiliated offices

East&Concord Partners【CHINA】
In 2014, the merger between the East Associates Law Firm and Concord & Partners brought into being East & Concord Partners, widely regarded as one of largest and most comprehensive law firms in all of China. Globally, East & Concord Partners has created and maintained numerous successful working relationships with many international law firms, which enables our clients to receive the most expedient and best possible service in this globalized world.
Jeongyul Law Firm has over 80 legal professionals working within the firm. Jeongyul Law Firm is well recognized by clients and peers alike for its excellence for more than 10 years in the fields of international transaction, maritime, aviation, insurance (marine, fire, casualty) and corporate related litigation, mediation and legal advice.

Support after Corporation Establishment Read more

Support after Corporation Establishment

Making Rules of employment or salary, consulting lawyer service, etc.

Intellectual Property Read more

Intellectual Property

Registration or other issues relating to patent, trade mark, etc. in China or Korea.

Provision of Information Read more

Provision of Information

Providing information of laws or judicial precedents in China and Korea, which may influence Japanese Companies’ business.

Consulting Attorneys Read more

Consulting Attorneys

Legal consulting, making or reviewing contracts, etc.

General Corporate Legal Affairs Read more

General Corporate Legal Affairs

Drafting contracts, reviewing contracts and other issues relating to general corporate.

Civil Rehabilitation Read more

Civil Rehabilitation

Issues relating to M&A, Corporate Reorganization, civil rehabilitation and other company reorganizations.

Succession Business Read more

Succession Business

Issues relating to succession business.

Discontinuance of Business Read more

Discontinuance of Business

Issues relating to bankruptcy, liquidation, etc. of corporations.

Debt Collection Read more

Debt Collection

Issues relating to collection or provisional remedy, etc. of Receivables and other debts.

Personnel and Labor Relations Read more

Personnel and Labor Relations

Drafting rules of employment or salary, mediation and litigations, and other personnel and labor issues.

Labor Issues Read more

Labor Issues

Labor issues relating to unfair dismissal, overtime or salary unpaid, etc.

Real Estates Read more

Real Estates

Real estate issues relating to land, buildings, etc.

Divorce Read more


Negotiation, mediation and litigations relating to divorce.

Testament and Inheritance Read more

Testament and Inheritance

Making testament, partition of estate and other issues relating to inheritance.

Accidents Affairs (Traffic, Medical, School) Read more

Accidents Affairs (Traffic, Medical, School)

Presenting for assaulter or victim of the accidents.

Debt Consolidation Read more

Debt Consolidation

Overpayment Claim, Rehabilitation for Individuals, Personal Bankruptcy, etc.

Property Management Read more

Property Management

Issues relating to adult guardianship.

Consumer Issues Read more

Consumer Issues

All kinds of consumer issues.

Criminal Issues Read more

Criminal Issues

Defense for suspect or defendant and other criminal issues.


Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Rie Akiyama
Rie Akiyama
Yousuke Ootsuka
Yousuke Ootsuka
Makoto Oda
Makoto Oda
Yue Guo
Yangyang Chen
Takashi Abe
Takashi Abe
Yutaka Abe
Yutaka Abe
Yuuka Sugita
Yuuka Sugita
Fumiki Takahashi
Fumiki Takahashi
Yuichi Kouyama
Yuichi Kouyama
Liang Chen
Yukiko Shibano
Liang Chen
Liang Chen
Tomohiro Matsukawa
Tomohiro Matsukawa
Masahiro Kakegawa
Masahiro Kakegawa
Takenori Tsumuki
Kentaro Kumamoto
Kentaro Kumamoto
Takenori Lee
Takenori Lee

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