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Tomohiro Matsukawa

Chief Representative


Bridge Roots Nagoya is a comprehensive and liable law firm. We provide legal services in the areas of General Corporate (including personnel and labor issues, such as work rules, salary rules, etc. ), M&A, corporate reorganization, civil rehabilitation, business succession, liquidation and bankruptcy, debt collection, international trade, intellectual property (registration of patent, trade mark, IP infringement issues, etc.), real estate/construction, anti-monopoly and anti- dumping, international dispute resolution, etc.,

By the way, I love lots of sports, like soccer, football and golf. But recently, I started interested in go. As I found that the strategies and tips of go benefit my legal work in some respects, such as when you want to hit the right, firstly hit the left; the enemy s vital point is also our key point; eager for quick success and instant benefits will make you lose more. One of the mottos is don’t chase the beauty (good things) and I think this one is beyond profound. The aphorism of go is becoming the reference to myself, my daily work. So I am assiduous in my adopted job and every client.

Last but not the least, there exits one kind of case that at first glance everyone thinks it will turn into interest. However if it violates the social ethics, I will refuse the request without hesitation. The acceptance of this kind of case will belittle the dignity of a lawyer and also the client. In the final analysis, the lawyer does not consider clients’ needs at all.

Work and Education

  • Waseda University (LL.B.,)
  • Ito Law Firm
  • BridgeRoots Law Firm, since 2008, April
  • BridgeRoots Law Firm Nagoya Office (now is BridgeRoots Nagoya Law Firm), as Chief Representative since 2011, June
  • Meijo University, as Part-time Lecturer (Tort Law, Divorce Law, Inheritance Law)
  • Santec Corporation, as Auditor, since 2012. June


The Asahi Shimbun Company, Sekisui House, Ltd. , The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd. etc.

Tomohiro Matsukawa

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