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This Privacy Policy, (hereinafter referred to as “the Corporation, et al.”) Lawyer corporation Bridge Roots bridge roots and attorneys corporation Bridge Roots bridge roots Nagoya, (hereinafter referred to as “users”) all of the people that use this site the other hand, will tell the basic way of thinking about the protection of personal information of everyone.

In this site, the Corporation et al receive your provided by users, information that can identify the person (address, company name, full name, e-mail address, etc.) and, the usage history with respect to the present site of the user, referred to as personal information you.

The purpose of personal information collection

The Corporation et al., Through this site, to collect personal information from the user for the following purposes.

  1. In order to improve and operating activities of the services that the Corporation et al.

  2. Provide Other, for statistical data creation of the Corporation, et al.

Confidentiality of personal information

This site is, without the consent of the user, do not do that to disclose personal information to third parties other than the Corporation et al. And this site management officials. However, if the following conditions are true, you may want to disclose personal information regardless of the presence or absence of the consent of the user.

  1. If you respond to a request from a public institution to be made to the Corporation et al. And this site management officials

  2. If you want to protect or defend the rights or property of the Corporation et al. And user

  3. the Corporation et al. And this site management officials, who are using this site, or in the general public of safety to ensure the purpose of the body, the case also for purposes other than the above-mentioned take urgent action, the Corporation, et al., Or administration officials of this site, companies which can be a user, advertisers, when describing the present site to other third parties, or for other lawful purposes, is a case to disclose the statistical results of the personal information Yes you.

About the use of cookies

In the process the user to use of this site, you might want to collect “aggregate information”, “Cookie Information” of the user for publishers. “Aggregate information” and the habits of the user group, use pattern, a statistical information, does not identify a specific user. The “Cookie information”, using the industry-standard technology called Cookie, for the purpose of record-keeping, is the information that the web site is transferred to the user of the computer’s hard disk. Cookie is, by storing the information selected by the user on a particular site, you can still help the Web. In addition, you will be able to identify the computer of the user, but you will not be able to identify the user’s own. The majority of the browser has been set from the beginning to accept the Cookie. You can also set to reject Cookie on the part of the user, but you may not be able to fully utilize its case web site.

For inquiries from customers

Contact us about your personal information protection, please contact the following.

Lawyer corporation Bridge Roots bridge Roots


Fukuoka Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Maizuru 1-chome, 1-10 Tenjin Silver Building 2F

Phone: 092-738-0167

Change of privacy policy

In the Corporation, et al., Change of personal information to be collected, when you make a change of use change of purpose or other privacy policy, is, and will be published Omotte changes to this page.

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